Are you a ‘Ride or Die’ Ally?

“Do you have a workshop on how to be an ally?”


I’ve always had an issue with the term ‘ally’. Too many people want the title but aren’t willing to go beyond their comfort zone to stand unapologetically in its full glory.

Anyone that has spoken to me or heard me talk about allyship has heard me say:

☝️🏾Allyship is not a noun — it’s a verb

✌️🏾It’s not a self-appointed title

I don’t care if you say you are an ally. What have you done to prove it?

As I reflect on moments of Black history, I think about the Freedom Riders and the impact they had on dismantling segregation in public transportation. When you see the photos, you realize the white participants made a conscious choice to sacrifice their freedom (and lives) for the cause. They didn’t have to do that. They could have stood on the sidelines and sent thoughts and prayers to John Lewis and others.

But they didn’t. They stepped into the firestorm with their counterparts in solidarity. That is one of the greatest examples of allyship.

So, the next time you want to call yourself an ally, ask yourself

“What am I willing to sacrifice?”



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Sacha Thompson (she/her)

Sacha Thompson (she/her)

Executive Coach for DEI Practitioners | Leadership Coach for Mid-level POC | DEI Consultant & Facilitator | Host of DEI After 5