Are Your DEI Efforts Causing More Harm Than Good?

My soul is tired.

A few days ago, I had two clients that were at their breaking point. Both of them — Black women — had been dealing with microaggressive bosses for several years and were at a point where they thought there would be a change. Why?

Because both organizations had been undergoing DEI training and their managers were active participants and saying all the right things. Once the training ended, they returned to their microaggressive ways. And in one case, his behavior worsened.

Far too many organizations are checking the box in providing DEI training around unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, etc. yet, very few of these training provides guidance on accountability.

What does accountability at the leadership level look like within an organization?

How do you ensure the vocabulary used in these trainings are not weaponized to cause further harm?

How are you centering the needs of the most marginalized in efforts mean to train the majority?

These are some of the questions that need to be addressed when developing any DEI effort. These are the questions I’m constantly asking and hoping you are asking too.



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Sacha Thompson (she/her)

Sacha Thompson (she/her)

Executive Coach for DEI Practitioners | Leadership Coach for Mid-level POC | DEI Consultant & Facilitator | Host of DEI After 5